[Yarash's image]

[Yarash's image]

As you enter the tower, you are greeted by a dark skinned elf with white hair. The elf says, "Welcome, Friend! I am the invoker, Asher. Welcome to the Sanctuary!" The elf extends his hand in greeting. He continues, "Here in the Sanctuary, you will be safe from the dangers of the outside world. While you are here, make yourself at home. Relax, and peruse the services we have to offer." He starts pointing and gesturing, indicating where things are, "That is our Hall of Records, where you can find scrolls and tomes documenting historic events. Over here is our Library. You can find all sorts of documents in there, providing information on a vast array of subjects. On the floor above us is our Auditorium. Yarash is usually found there, talking about recent events. You might also find a guest speaker from time to time. When he's not in the auditorium, you can usually find Yarash in the Conference Center, where he interiews high profile associates. If you hurry, you may be able to catch his interview with Osod. And finally, in the basement we have established a series of portals for your convenience. You may use them to travel almost anywhere within the realm." The elf bows and leaves to return to his post.

Enter the Hall of Records.

Explore the Library.

Climb up to The Auditorium.
Head on over to the Conference Center.

Go to the Room of Portals.

Relocate back to the tunnel. (introduction)

Hey look! I found the school Ebgar went to!

Yarash can be emailed at mjsbbs (at) redshift (dot) com.
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