The following is an interview with Gogk on 10/13/03. Gogk is an ogre warrior. Perhaps his best known goodrace character is Gimkas, who is also a warrior. Gogk also has played characters named Jarikon (the A-P mentioned in the interview), Tuw and Fanga. Gogk has recently remade his character and is busy levelling him up. Gogk can be reached out of the game at his AOL IM screen name "metus nemo".

Y: Take a moment to tell me about how you got into mudding. Please specify the year and name of the mud if you remember.

G: I got into mudding through my younger brother. He learned about this place through a local BBS called pointblank, I didn't understand what was going on but one day while I was home and he was in school i tried playing and killed his character. He had me roll my own character and I started to learn how to play.
G: He passed away and I kept on playing. I started around 1992-3, I think. Might have been earlier. On this mud series.

Y: What was your brother's character name?

G: I believe he played a character named Gralis.
G: A human warrior. He never got higher than level 20 I believe.

Y: There are about two thousand public muds running. What was it about Sojourn that caused you to stay here?

G: I personally believe that I stayed here because this was the one mud I became familiar with. I checked other muds but I couldnt get into them. Wether it be the lack of ANSI or the fact that I didn't have the patience to learn the maps.

Y: Do you think Sojourn is as desirable to play now as it was when you started? Why?

G: Yes, there are still challenges I have yet to overcome. The people I have gotten to know on this mud will help me with that.

Y: When was the best time to be playing Sojourn?

G: I don't think I can specify any one paticular time. As with anything anyone does, there are goodtimes and badtimes.

Y: If you could change anything about this game, what would it be, and why?

G: I would change the balance of the mud in respect to the difference between what can be done by a caster compared to that of a warrior. A warrior of any race.

Y: Could you go into more detail?

G: The power of the casters in this game far out weigh the powers of a warrior. A caster at level 26, can kill a mob of a considerbly higher level than said caster, while a warrior of the same level would stand no chance against the same mob.
G: As a matter of fact I will go one step further. I believe that no caster at level 26 should be able to kill a mob, that when said mob is fighting a warrior of two times the level of the caster, can almost kill the higher level warrior.

Y: What is your favorite zone here, and what makes it so great?

G: I'd have to say that my favorite zone on this mud is Cave City. Also known as CC. I like the fact that warriors are put to work with the majority of their skills used. The zone can be difficult at times, but mostly it is just a fun run. All characters get to use their respective skills.

Y: In the time that you've been here, what is the most interesting thing you've seen?

G: The most interesting thing I have seen here would probably be the teamwork shown when 30 people got together to kill Tiamat.

Y: Is there anything you've done within the game that you are particularly proud of?

G: I personally don't think I have given anything to the game other than time playing. Making friends. and making enemies:P Nothing that would draw my attention causing me to feel proud tho. Maybe making level 50 with a character.

Y: You used to play a goodrace anti-paladin and warrior, but now you play an evilrace warrior.
Y: What is it about evil gameplay that you found attractive?

G: Before I played either of the two goodrace characters I played evil race. I left evil rave because of differences I had with a select few people. I started playing goodrace to take a break from evilrace. I came back because I love playing evilrace.

Y: A large number of goodrace players have recently created new evilrace alts.
Y: What do they need to know to help their experience be a good one?

G: Understanding that there were set ways that evils did things. Don't complain. EXP EXP EXP. Thats about all.

Y: You are or were a member of the Skandalon guild.
Y: This guild has done what no other guild has, as far as I can tell; the guild has changed the content of its members from goodrace to evilrace.
Y: Could you tell me about why this happened?

G: Goodrace seemed flooded to me. I suggested the idea in passing. Then it became a reality. Then it became a nightmare.

Y: How did it become a nightmare, if I may ask?

G: The leader of the guild became power mad. Barking orders, berating, and backstabbing people. Including yours truely. I couldnt be a part of that. The guild shortly there after fell apart

Y: It has been almost two weeks since Sojourn3 split into two muds and TorilMUD was made.
Y: How do you think the mud has fared? Will things be improving or getting worse?

G: I'm not sure how things will turn out. It seems the staff is working very hard to make things better. I am very appreciative for that. The mud right now is just as fun as it ever was to me.

Y: Tell me about some of the things you do IRL.

G: I stay home mostly. I suffer from a condition that I got at work which prevents me from working and doing most everyday things. I get two surgery procedures a week for it.

Y: This will be the last question.
Y: Where do you see yourself in the future?

G: Hmmmm. I see myself in the recent future, going through alot of court trials. In the distant future, Perhaps married with 3 boys.

Y: Thank you :)

G: thank you:)


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